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I’m back! :) with a little shopping advice…

So many people trust their receipts and walk out the door after shopping not even thinking about how much you just paid, or wondering if everything rang up right. I however am a crazy receipt checker! 99% of the things that I buy are on the list I have compiled for that trip, so I know most prices off-hand (or have them written on my shopping list), I make sure everything rang up right.

This week during my trip to price chopper I had two different errors on my receipt, they charge me $3.99 for an item that was supposed to be $2.50 (so they had to give me the whole $3.99 back) annndd the cashier put two of my coupons in wrong, so I had to explain it to customer service and got another $1.49 back. So all together thanks to a little bit of double checking I was able to get another $5.48 knocked off my bill!

Don’t let computer errors cost you!

p.s. Sticking to a set list will help you save as well. I used to go to the store with my “coupon items” written down including sale prices and final prices, but I would also pick up a whole bunch of things along the way. If you need non coupon items make sure to put them on your list (along with the price so you can receipt check!)! And try to stick to it as best as possible, If will save you from picking up random things that you are simply getting because it looks good (which means majority of the time it’s probably not good for you!!) 🙂
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After watching 1 Extreme Couponing Show I was HOOKED! Now I've turned into a saving machine, and I can't stop!

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