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A Tip for Check Out

This might seem really silly to some people (especially those who don’t coupon) but something that I always do when I’m about to get into a checkout line and see who the cashier is. If you go to the same store often you are going to know who is a pain, and who will let you go through check out relatively smoothly. I’ll even wait in a line that’s not the shortest to ensure my checkout will run smoothly.
       For example, some coupons will say right on them “do not double” but when they ring up will still double automatically, a cashier that is just going to scan all the coupons quick and not READ every one will not realize that these are not supposed to double and will continue scanning. Some cashiers however will read them all and will go back and fix the coupon that shouldn’t be doubling. (I know this is not completely honest, but if you can save a little bit extra by going to a different cashier, it’s worth a shot). 
        If I don’t know the store very well I will often go to a younger cashier, they are much less likely to take the time to read coupons, because let’s be honest, most of the time they don’t want to be there.
       Some cashiers will also let you use 4 coupons per variety, rather than per item. For example if you are buying jif peanut butter and have 8 coupons, some cashiers will let you buy 4 creamy and 4 chunky variety and count them as 2 different coupons, where some cashiers will only let you use 4 JIF coupons.
      I know this might sound silly, but GET TO KNOW YOUR CASHIERS! In the end your cashier will have a lot to do with how smoothly your transaction goes. If you find one you like, try to go to them more often. Trust me, your cashier can make a huge difference in your purchase!


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After watching 1 Extreme Couponing Show I was HOOKED! Now I've turned into a saving machine, and I can't stop!

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